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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Settling In

Yesterday I found out my memory card for my camera is completely messed up. I'll try to go to another computer shop or maybe send it back to SanDisk to see if they can fix it. Luckily I had another that I popped into my camera. I have pretty much rearranged my room so I thought I'd give you a virtual tour. First you should go back to the video it the previous post so you can really see the difference.

 Here's going into my room. I moved the bed. I have these cool things to hang clothes on over the radiator, and I lined up my shoes by the door too.

 Where the bed was I've put my dresser and wardrobe. There's a nice sport for my luggage in the corner. Those clothes are not dirty, just lightly worn but I haven't gotten a basket for those yet. The white thing is supposed to go over the light but it fell off when I opened the window and I'm not tall enough (even standing on my night stand) to put it back up.

Now behind the door is my bed. That way if Sarah comes in to do laundry she doesn't have to walk around my bed. The lamp I got at Salvation Army!

The desk is in the same spot but now it has all my papers and school stuff on it.

Here's the view out of my window! The spire thing is the main university building and the white buildings at the bottom is a little alley with bars and a movie theater.

The flat is really cool too and it has some original molding! This is in the foyer.

Not sure if these are original but they definitely aren't the plastic ones you can buy at Home Depot.

This is the one in the living room. (see how the white ball thing is over the light; that's how my room's supposed to be)

This is the molding in the living room. My room just has regular plain molding.

This is my massive from door! The door knob is in a regular spot and the mail thing is like shoulder height. 

The other flat on my floor has a half door where only the bottom center opens.

Our door opens up all the way!
 After the big door we have a little regular door. It has orignal glass! My landlord said if a thief makes it all the way up the stairs and gets through the big door, he would just break the glass. So the landlord took out the lock on the little door to like save the glass. You can't really tell in the pictures but the lock on the big door has like 4 dead bolts.

I'm on the top floor. They call it the 3rd floor, but you walk up 3 floors so we'd call it the 4th floor. My roommate and I have started planning our days carefully so we reduce the number of times we go up and down the stairs. The first day I did pretty well but yesterday my legs really started aching. I'll have some monster leg muscles after living here a year.

This is a standard plug. No it's not very cool but actually it is. Each plug has an on off switch. So I made hot water this morning so I turned on that plug but not the other one. In my room the lamp I got doesn 't have a switch on it so I just use the switch on the plug! It's actually pretty good when you remember to actually turn them on. Probably cuts down on that vampire power appliances suck up. There's even one for the water heater in the shower. If you don't turn that on you are only taking a cold shower!

Everything is going pretty well. I'm learning the area and where things are. I think I may venture into the city today on the tube! I have a super fancy phone now with the internet. You can message me on facebook and I can message you right back. My friend and I talked last night and I totally asked her some sports questions when I was at the bar. Be aware that I'm still learning the phone and it has a touch screen so my spelling won't be great. I can also read my emails but it's harder to type out long emails compared to texting. 

Lots of love to everyone back in the states!!!

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