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Monday, September 2, 2013

Excitement - Premoving

I'm leaving the US in 1.5 days! two sleeps. I thought I was ready but now it's really hitting me that I am leaving the country and my family. I've felt so excited all summer but I've recently had some "WHAT AM I DOING" thoughts. Although I'm a bit scared, I know there's no other time in my life I'll have this opportunity. It's still crazy how old my school is and how relatively close everything is! I used to drive 8hr from NE Montana to SW Montana. From Glasgow, London is 5hrs and to Paris is 11hrs. In Montana anything that is over 100yrs is historic. The University of Glasgow was started in 1450! What!?!?! that was before Columbus and Copernicus!

What have I done to prepare? I have my student visa, I ordered pounds online and got them a week ago. I bought a raincoat for obvious reasons. I'm all packed except when I change my mind on some items. I knitted myself a sweater! I didn't really follow the directions correctly but it turned out fine. It's acrylic wool and feels about 10lbs. It will be awkward to carry through the airport but very cozy on cool rainy days.

I also have an apartment. I was looking for a room on a site for flatsharing. Through that website I was contacted by Sarah. Sarah is from London and starting a Masters program at the university as well. She traveled to Glasgow one weekend and found a great flat. Here's a video my landlord took. Please tell me which room to pick :)

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  1. How exciting!!! I can't wait to read all about it. I hope the move brings you what you need from life.