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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nervousness overload

All day toady I've been going around with butterflies in my stomach or just a stomach ache. I did okay when I was talking to people but the epic-ness of my move would hit me when I was sitting quietly. Today I tried to get everything done but am still thinking of things as I sit here writing.

I got up at 10:30am after tossing and turning a bit last night. My dad sold his truck and we had family here this weekend. We ended up only having 1 car at our house this morning. First thing we all went out and got the big truck and the work truck. Then dropped the big truck off to get a tune up. Mom went out for lunch and I got a hair cut. Apparently the person who cut my hair before messed it up! The stylist said there were chunks that didn't get layered but then there was a spot that was chopped way short. I realized something was wrong with the cut but I didn't know what so I ended up just wearing a pony tail most summer. Then I got shallac on my nails. I figured hulling luggage and traveling would chipped up regular polish.

Once I got home, I doubled checked all of my important documents and made copies of my school stuff, visa and passport. I did some laundry too. When I checked in (less than 24hrs to go) I realized my big suitcase could only be 70lbs not 75. I had to take out a pair of shorts, a coffee mug, and some school stuff. Now one is 69.5lbs and the other is 50.5lbs. I also have my carryon and briefcase. Does it look like I missed anything haha
Tomorrow I have a gym card and library book to turn in. I'll do the final packing of my computer and toothbrush. Then we're off to Chicago at about noon so I arrive at the airport about 3hrs before the flight. Hopefully I can actually sleep tonight but I'm very very very excited.

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